Dear foreign customer! Your headphone or earphone cable is broken? There is a little shop in Budapest, where we repair wired headphones, earphones and headsets. Feel free to contact me.

Headphone repair, earphone repair and headset repair in Budapest

Our shop called Fejhallgató Szerviz, it is near to Semmelweis klinikák metro station in metro line 3. We are in the eighth district, in Üllői street.

Address: 1082 Budapest, Üllői street 70.
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday, 14:00 to 18:00

What type of problems are we repair?

The most usual problems is the broken cable near the jack plug. In this case we cut off the jack plug, and solder a replacement jack plug instead of the original one. Sometimes the cable broken in the upper area. In this case we can cut off the broken piece of the cable and solder the wires to the speakers again. If the cable broken in the middle, we have to change the whole cable for a new one.

Headphone repair time

For the repair you have to leave here your headphone. The repair usually takes 1 week.

Headphone repair prices

The price depends on the malfunctions, contains service fee + component cost. The following prices can be change, we give you exact price only in the shop, after we review your gear. Most usual repairs:

Jack plug replacement 7.000 forints
Cable repair 7.000 forints
Cable replacement 10.000 forints

Fejhallgató Szerviz Bdapesten